Corporate Profile

HBR Realty Empreendimentos S.A. was founded in December 2011 in Mogi das Cruzes (SP) by the Borenstein family and is focused on the development of urban properties, having started its activities in the same year of its foundation.

Since 2013, the Company has explored the ComVem concept, which was created by HBR in that year and covers a segment of the real estate market that had not been explored until then. The ComVem concept refers to convenience malls located in some special locations that have high levels of people flow.

In 2014, HBR launched 4 projects in this segment: ComVem Tietê, ComVem Jardim Europa, ComVem Washington Luiz and ComVem JK, in addition to another project in the Opportunities segment.

Also in 2014, Tierra Fundo de Investimento em Participações Multiestrategia, representing Dynamo Administração de Recursos Ltda., became a partner of the Company through the subscription of shares of a capital and asset increase transaction.

In 2015, the Company acquired Shopping Mogi. In addition to its financial relevance, the investment marked HBR’s entry into the shopping mall segment. Another 2 assets were also inaugurated that year.

From 2016 to 2018, HBR launched 11 projects, among ComVem and other asset classes, with highlights to the Olinda shopping mall.

In 2019, HBR delivered the HBR 3A Faria Lima corporate venture project and concluded the acquisition of the Suzano shopping mall.

In 2020, HBR had 38 operations in Brazil, divided among shopping malls, convenience malls, corporate floors, hotels, parking lots, Self Storage, One to One Lease, Built to Suit and Sale Lease Back projects, in addition to special opportunities in the real estate sector and the management of investments in real estate funds.

Also in 2020, the Company actively participated in the listing process of real estate investment fund HBRH11, in which it appears as a real estate advisor.

Last update: January 27, 2021